Asa – The Captivator


A first glance taunted a comparison with Tracy Chapman. However, once I got over the dreadlocks and the guitar and got into the groove, I quickly realized that there was something far deeper in the soul searching vibes, something far more cultural than the fact that she sings in Yoruba.

As I started to get comfortable with her flow, I made a second attempt to define Asa… Songs like  Soul (featuring silver saddih), Fire On the Mountain, No One Knows, Burn, Jailer and even Eyin Mummy threw me off completely. I found myself right back at square one, left with nothing but respect and admiration at the sheer depth and breadth of her musical expression.

In a kinda bluesy, Jazzy, finger snapping way, Ilu (Nation) challenges our leaders and asks them what they have done with our great country. She reminds us of a time when the Naira was stronger than the dollar, of a time when police checkpoints were unheard of. “Dollar je Naira lowo… Ko si wetin you carry”. – Fela would be proud!

I had to remind myself to breathe while listening to Eye Adaba (Birds in the sky). Her rendition in English of the same exact song was a fresh experience that was just as amazing as the original. (I wan craze!). Mama (mother)/So Beautiful, a slow dance in honor of her mother highlights the sacrifice, selflessness and pricelessness of motherhood. I think I now have enough songs for my “Sweet Mother” mixtape. MAJOR brownie points coming my way on mother’s day! Iba (praise) brings it back to earth by giving thanks & praise to Heaven for all the things we tend to take for granted.

I’m not sure if it’s the sincerity in Bibanke (When I cry), the high from soaring with the birds, the rain outside or the vodka inside but um… Asa… will you marry me?

Asa has seriously raised the bar and set the standard in the “Yoruba Acoustic Soul” category.

Could I have some ogi to accompany these 5 Akaras please!?

This CD is available HERE.

12 Responses to “Asa – The Captivator”

  1. I love Asa too! Her album is awesome, all the songs in it capture your attention from the first minute you hear them.

  2. Great Album, I agree, however my version is not called ‘The Captivator’, nor does it have most of the songs alluded to in your review (mine contains, in order, Jailer, 360, Bibanke, Subway, Fire…, Eye Adaba, No one knows, Awe, Peace, Beautiful, and Iba), and I am pretty certain it’s an original naija version. Where can I get this ‘Captivator’ version. Also, just FYI ‘Eye Adaba’ doesn’t mean Birds in the Sky, it means Dove. Cheers!

  3. Hey lola, I actually have two CD’s with different song listings and in some cases a totally different rendition of the same song. I sourced both of them from Naija (a friend picked them up for me at the Lagos airport). I think one is a Naija version and the other is the “international” version.

    The english version of “Eye Adaba” is actually called “Birds in the sky” on the Captivator CD.

  4. Olurotimi Says:

    Hi, Gosshhhh Asa is the bomb…she has some kinda spell she casts out from her songs. I need your help, i actually went to the niteshift colliseum to relax on a saturday evening when the dj played a beautiful song and i instantly singled out Asa’s voice. I guess she featured in the guy’s song, God !!! I love this song but its not on her album and i dont know where i could get it from. The song goes somehow like this: “********am on fire******you are the reason why i sing this song*****” I dont know if anyone could help out with the name of the track, knowing the track name would definitely help my search. Thanks.

  5. I love asa but meeting her is my greatest problem. She is my dream love. Do you know her email address or her number?

  6. I love asa but meeting her is my greatest problem. She is my dream love. Do you know her email address or her number or where she leaves?

  7. Asa is special! The album is absolutely wonderful.

  8. love asha to bits, wuz in lagos for a week in d summer yea, and heard the song rotimi wuz describin on some local radio… ‘d chorus still rings in ma head, U TAKE ME HIGHER, URE D REASON I SING THIS SONG, MY HEART IS ON FIRE IS THE REASON I SING THE SONG…

    i’ll do anyfin to hav the song… sing me up @ if you ever find the song…

  9. ernest ngeda Says:

    i love asa and her music. The music captivates me a lot, besides i am also called the captivator.Every loves FIRE(my heart on fire)feat.jeremiah.I am not essempted, i also love the music. ”SHE IS THE BEST”.more greese to the captivator’s elbow. (08062163998)

  10. ernest ngeda Says:

    she is the bomb

  11. asa is the bomb. i love her music coz i’m being captivated by it. I am saying this becoz i’m also the captivator. more greese 2 the captivator’s elbow.

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