The things we do…


In case you are wondering what the picture about is about, it’s a “safe” view of Naijaman sitting in a make up chair at the mall. Wetin I find go there? I beg o, I wasn’t trying on mascara just waiting “patiently” for my friend to decide what combination of length & volume was best for her eyelashes…

Another category for discussions has been born.

Let’s call it “omoge“.

2 Responses to “The things we do…”

  1. School is back in session!!!
    That 1 may eventually achieve enligtenment & as with all “conversations” that involve the elusive task of grasping the inner workings of the “omoge” species, let us begin by posing semi-rhetorical questions:
    Did she notice the sacrifice involved in U actually resting U’r gluteus maximus in said MAKE UP CHAIR (as relates 2 folks thinking U were trying on mascara)?
    What tenet of Okafor’s law is being “patiently” applied here?
    Did the volume & length of aforementioned ocular “tresses” elicit new (or old) truths/ excitements for either party concerned?
    Had the tables (well, “chairs” in this case) been turned- if they ever can be as far as grooming is concerned- what would be the title of that category of discussions?
    When within my current omoge studies do U think I may attain such poise & understanding as 2 endure, ..erm, …I mean, enjoy the benefit of such a ritual?
    Is there any scarring (mental or physical) involved in such valorious activity?

  2. Fear not the scars of your travail for they are a thing to be proud of. Battle Scars are a mark of honor and endurance, bestowed only to the brave and victorious…

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