Missing Plane – Senators Want Top Aviation Officials Sacked

At first I thought this reaction was fueled by our usual jungle justice mentality but apparently there’s more to it than meets the eye.

First of all the story was…

THE wreckage of the missing Beechcraft 1900D plane owned by Wings Aviation was found yesterday at Nbagu village in Yala Local Government Area of Cross River State, according to the Minister of State for Air Transportation, Mr. Felix Hyatt.

Then it became:

Uncertainty and confusion yesterday took the better of the country’s aviation sector following an embarrassing discovery that an earlier claim by one of the agencies that the missing Wings Aviation aircraft had been found was totally false.

and then long story come start…

According to Obock, “We engaged the services of local farmers and hunters who came with their dogs to help us locate the plane. We have been at it since midnight on Sunday till late Monday evening and have not been able to locate the crash site. Fisher men who claimed to have seen the plane did not come up to tell us where it is. We have decided to suspend the search today till tomorrow because of the bad weather.

And now:

SENATORS, yesterday, demanded the resignation of senior officials in the aviation sector following what they described as embarrassing failure to find the Wings Aviation plane four days after it went missing.

Unfortunately and sadly, three lives have probably been lost in this confusion.

Is it me or does this sounds like a Fela song in the making? 

I beg, make we go Shrine briefly. Baba dey sing…

“Abracadabraaaaa, Plane don reappeeeaaarr…”

“Abracadabrooooo, Plane come disappeeeaaarr…”

Two new categories are born today, Naija News & Felasophy.

3 Responses to “Missing Plane – Senators Want Top Aviation Officials Sacked”

  1. Felasophy abi!?!
    One has 2 give 2 credit the fight 4 medical cannabis sativa of the sinsemillia variety (or 4 the dyslexic among us, “sensimillia”) if only 4 the attempt at highlighting the psychoactive “benefits” such as upping the IQ quotient of certain ALREADY socially/spiritually elevated individuals. Strange how the absorption of the same by non-transcendental mortals, apparently elevates only behavioral deficiencies (silliness) & hunger (munchies) in them. This is in no way advocating the use of …
    With that in mind, remain forewarned that imbibing Felasophy now that Baba ’70 is no longer with us in body 2 guide the weak, remains an endeavor that at least requires exposure to Naijapolitan Okaforism as versed by the High Lords of Awon Boyz Court. This of course is after the mandatory 40 days & 40 nights of meditating (& fasting 4 those wishing 2 accelerate their enlightenment) on “The Complete Works of Fela Kuti volumes 1 – 40”. The aim of this carefully crafted process is 2 ensure that no personal/ group silliness or mental hunger is elevated in those exposed.
    How do we apply the old man’s warnings & teachings 2 living (in the diaspora) & not just relegate them to old reminiscences & fun listening?
    The honorable Robert Nesta Marley’s reverberations have been attested 2 be automatic after time; supposedly 1 doesn’t need 2 do anything but listen & a change will come about. What about Afro beat then (& the resultant Felasophy); is this something that simply takes hold of the subject individual via auditory orifices & exponentially creates aural sects? Now, if U’r (other) orifices are subject to oral pleasures by way of Afro beat & Felasophy, Naijaman can be reached through this medium 4 appropriate remuneration & 2 record that phenomenon 4 as a corollary 2 “The Law”!!
    Is it the nascent “aroma” of “no stress, no seeds, no stems, no sticks” I perceive wafting thru these web pages now or has Naijaman truly initiated a quest 4 awareness through some kind of out-of-body-while-receiving-a-paycheck experience?…… because I know we’re all reading his blog AT WORK.

  2. Yes! Yes! Do you think it is a mere coincidence that there are 40 CD’s in Baba’s complete works?

    Didn’t it rain for 40 days and 40 nights?
    Wasn’t Moses was on the mountain for 40 days and 40 nights?
    How long did the Israelites wander again? 40 years.
    Our Lord Jesus Christ fasted in the wilderness for 40 days and was seen on the earth for 40 days after His crucifixion.

    Omo, I dey face Kalakuta mountain with my 40 CD’s. I can’t say who will come back with me.

  3. Knowing you, you will possibly come back with 3 females and then wake up tomoroow and decide they smoke and not your type.

    Naija sha, this is beyond embarassment, with all our ‘supposed’ resources.

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