Dozie – Redemption


Aaaaahh… Excuse me dance…
You just dey fine, dey kack
Ah ah!, Madam, which one now?
Ehn? Ah, no o! Make we just commot here, go one corner
You know say you fine pass. That is, eh…
No, noo.. I just wan yarn you small…
Make you and me dey make music, shey you get?
I beg, let us get down
You no be woman? You wan be lady?
Problem no dey, now…
Wetin be your name self? 

Magdalena (Track #10)

After hearing Dozie engage Magda in broken English, I quickly realized that I had to brush up on my toasting skills and quickly ordered the CD. (I might be an Ibadan boy but I love me some Igbo babes!).

The album kicks off with “Uwa Ke(dis life self!) which reminds us about the ups and downs of this thing we call love. “You know it’s just a game that we’ve got to play… ‘Cause it’s all just part of life”. This jam is so tight that for a long time, I never even made it to track 2, “Gabriels Lounge” which is song about losing those we love to the afterlife and the ensuing feelings.

Before the documentaries, before Kanye, before the movie, the Naija “Soldier” tells the sad story of what we now know as Blood/Conflict Diamonds. “I got the knife. Long Sleeve or short sleeve? I guarantee you won’t have no hands to fight us back”.


This is a Public Service Announcement to all the omoges out there:

If “Sensuality” starts playing and na only me and you dey, you better RUN if you are not ready to be a superstar. That song is not for small children! ‘Nuff Said!


In “Onwu Obi”, (death of the heart) he sings about how yesterdays love becomes today’s pain in a way that almost makes you crave the heartache. “Redemption”, the title track, is one that you need to listen to whenever you get tired of the struggles of love and live… “We’ve gotta keep on keeping on!”


From his voice to the musical arrangement to the unobtrusive infusion with broken English, Igbo and various Nigerian musical instruments, I am totally incapable of even starting to describe Dozie’s road to Redemption. It is a musical adventure with unexpected twist and turns that just continue to exceed any expectation you could possibly have. You’re just going to have to experience this one yourself!


Redemption” has held down slot #1 in my Car CD changer since the day I bought it back in ’06. This is a CD that you have to listen to in three dimensions: One for the music, one for the lyrics and one for “the two both of them” together (if you dare!).


5 Shekeres seems insufficient for this one but that’s as bad as it gets!


What other have said about Dozie:

“Like Sade, Maxwell, and Seal rolled into one. One of the best new artists we’ve seen.”Elemental

 “There is no better evidence of this than his debut album, Redemption, a smooth and meticulous mix of soul, jazz, rock, reggae, and traditional African rhythms. From the dueling pianos on “Uwa Ke”, to the intricate guitar work on “Gabriel’s Lounge”, to the pulsating late-night, stir-it-up beat of “Sensuality”, his unique musical perspective abounds. “I’m a multicultural person heavily grounded in an African upbringing. It is only natural that my songs reflect that”, he says.” –  

“He sings, writes, and plays keys and guitar, and does it all with a style completely his own. Released on his own Afrisoul label, the impressive debut is a beautiful marriage of smooth, moody melodies and vocals, and passionate, compelling songwriting. The result is a lush, atmospheric sound that has the underground soul scene buzzing about this newcomer who sounds more like a music veteran.” – Soultalk with Deborah Hinds

4 Responses to “Dozie – Redemption”

  1. 5 shekeres, naijaman are you sure you didn’t do internship with any juju band while growing up in Ibadan.

  2. Yes o! We used to call it IT (Industrial Training) back then…

  3. Industrial with Pasuma’s band, yeah rite!!

  4. U no know say shekere na very technical instrument?

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