TGIF’s Dodo Sandwich!


So I’m at Friday’s last night after work and I’m browsing through the menu looking for some chops and I was like huh?? Is that a dodo sandwich? “No, it’s a chipotle grilled steak sandwich”. Whareva!

I’ve cooked plantains in lots of different ways and eaten it with lots of different things but I never ever imagined that fried plantains would feel at home between two slices of bread. 

Boiled plantain, fried plantain (dodo), plantain chips, dodo and beans, dodo and egg, dodo and yam and Islamia’s banging dodo gizzard but a dodo sandwich? That one pass me.

What’s for dinner tonight? I’m thinking Egusi Pizza with some goat meat toppings. Recipe to follow.

5 Responses to “TGIF’s Dodo Sandwich!”

  1. Don’t choke on egusi pizza pls. And pple need to stop playing with all this food experiments.

  2. No be Linany dey fuse African fabric with western designs? Why can’t we do it with food. In fact, the thing dey give me ideas self. p.s. That egusi pizza was banging! lol!

  3. Egusi Pizza with goat meat topping ha! Hialrity:)

  4. Cat-daddy, I beg relive the days of “akara burger”, suya burger, or “Numba 1” (gizzard & “mede-mede” omelette) for S.U.B. inside U.I.!!
    Remain small na gbegiri & amala stir-fry folks go venture in2. Any which way shey na food e be? I dey behind una.


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