Ayo – Joyful


Her name is Ayo (Joy), her style is “AfroAcousticReggaeSoul”, her flow is mellow and her message is Love.

I first heard “Down on my knees” in the spring of ’06 and probably didn’t pay as much attention to it as I should have. Ayo sings of a love so deep and unconditional I can’t even start to comprehend. As I listened to the song, I kept wondering… Why is she begging and crying for this bobo like this? Down on my knees ke? I guess love really is stronger than pride and I’m starting to wonder if it’s time to suck it up, face Lagos, get down on my knees and beg. (If y’all are looking for a more objective CD review, there is a correct one on Amazon.com. J).

Without you” gives me yet another reason to be proud to be a Naijaman. Ayo offers a sincere appreciation for her father’s influence on her life and how he was always there for them while they dealt with her mother’s struggle with drug addiction which she sings about in “How many times”.

And it’s supposed to be love” picks up the pace with a pleasant and familiar air that I just can’t seem to put my finger on. “Watching you“, “Only you” and “Neva Been”, brings us some more of that ‘I go die’ love.

From the feel good, airy vibe of “Help is coming” to “These days” (one of my favorite songs on the album), she sings a message of hope. The catchy “Life is real” comes to you straight from the back of an okada on the streets of Lagos. I tell you, it doesn’t get any realer than that!

As she wraps it up, Ayo asks “What is love?” Well, pop in the “Joyful” CD on a lovely Sunday evening like I did and you will surely find the answer.

Four joyful stars for this one!

Click HERE for the Joyful CD.

April 15th, 2008 Update:

I was fortunate enough to see Ayo perform last night at Hiro in New York and if she was a stock, I’d put all my money in her right now! The joyful CD does absolutely no justice to her capabilities. I recommend you to go see her live whenever you get a chance. You’ll be blown away. I’m looking forward to the new album and will feature it here once I get my hands on it. I’m predicting a 5 Star sophomore album. She’s going to be huge y’all! HUGE!

One Response to “Ayo – Joyful”

  1. For those of you in the NYC area, Ayo will be performing at HIRO Ballroom on Monday, April 14th. Doors: 7:00pm, Show: 8:00pm.

    Tickets $12.00 in advance, $15.00 at door.

    More details at: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/472211/

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