Miss Virginity… Only In Naija.


So I stumbled on this article a few days ago. Someone decided to have a “Miss Virginity” pageant in Lagos! To ensure that each of the contestants was really a virgin, Dr Ekemode, a Lagos based consultant gynaecologist examined every one of them. Only 43 of the 60 registrants were “certified” to be virgins.

Link to original article below:


All photo credits to Vanguard Nigeria online edition.

4 Responses to “Miss Virginity… Only In Naija.”

  1. Nathaly Says:

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  2. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Arakunrin, awon boyz court suppose hold similar pageant. So if dem wan do “Mr Virginity” pageant, how I go sign up? More so, which kind examination dem go do? No be di wan wey dem go go spoil person market value in di process of ascertaining compliance to set virginity guidelines!!
    On a slightly more serious note, sounds like some-1 had a near-quaint moral-standing message to “distribute” but failed somewhere with the implementation & propaganda.

  4. lol! okay oh, nothing wrong in encouraging virginity. But I wonder if they will have a Mr. Virginity competition, as well. I also wonder how they will ‘examine’ the contestants for that.

    only in Naija sha!

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