Enter the KoKo (Pt. 1): No Long Thing.

No long thing











I first heard of D’Banj in the spring of 2006 during my first trip back to Naija in almost 10 years. My dads driver noticed my general interest in Naija jams and asked if I had heard of D’Banj. I said no and he promptly inserted a copy of D’Banj’s debut album, No Long Thing. A quick scan and I could immediately tell that this was something different and original. The skits also cracked me up and I promptly bought a copy somewhere in Lagos traffic.

 The Intro skit features D’Banj trying out different genres of music; R&B, Rap, jungle/garage and Don Jazzy telling him “I don tell you say your voice no coagulate with this kind music…”.

Tongolo introduces the very element and originality of D’Banj as yarns us “De Koko” and shares his magic/secret word for catching babes with us. Very catchy beat and chorus, guaranteed to keep you bopping. We also hear “No Long Ting” for the first time in this song. He also shows his versatility in the tight Yoruba verses he drops to emphasize the power of the magic.

Mo wa talented… Yes mo wa gifted!

Seri kini mi? Oma gbe e lifted.

Seri hips e? Maa file shifted.

Igo oju e? maa file tinted.

Boyfriend e gan, o wa evicted.

Se o mo pe D’Banj is addicted?

T’eba sope no, ma wa persistent.

Mo ni iyawo nile, don’t get it twisted.

In Socor, he brings a new style of dance with a nice mellow and inspiring flow to go with it. The Ph.D holder in Womanology teaches us the importance of knowing how to do the socor rather than just going to a club to pose and dance rubbish. I don’t know how I missed the “J’un kan”, “Le mo” and “Te nkan” movement! There needs to be a remix/part II of this song man! Let me get my Socor on! If none of this is making sense to you, check out the video here

In case you missed it, D’Banj actually plays the harmonica quite well and it shows through in the next couple of songs on the album. I thought the Pastor skit was hilarious! In All the way, D’banj talks about his commitment to music despite being pulled in a different direction by his parents and mentors. “I try, try, try.. book no enter my head, So I come start this music”.

Iya Mi is a beautiful rendition to his parents. Sung primarily in Yoruba with a nice and rich “Yoruba” beat to it, he also uses this as a tribute to all the mothers that have made a difference to him. I thought that was a really cool song.

In Mr Olopa sings about Naija police brutality as he pleads with the police to let him go after some heavy brushing. An okay song overall but I agree with Don Jazzy, your voice no coagulate with that kind song! Leave am, I beg. Lol!

Mobolowowon comes after a skit that sounds like a bunch of Witches in a Naija movie scheming to run him down. In Ika O Da, he sings against acts of wickedness and selfishness.

Ask me is one of my favorite songs on the album. In very correct Afrobeat style, D’Banj sings about Suzie; An efizy loving, allegedly independent omoge who is all about what she can get from him. He calls her up to see if they can “fire” and she starts to yarn…

Suzie: D’banj, I wan buy moto…

D’Banj: Se baba e ti fun mi lowo moto ni?

Suzie: D’banj, I wan buy Gucci…

D’Banj: See your mouth like Gucci o!

Suzie: D’banj, I wan buy Prada, I say I wan wear Burberry, se you go make my life betta?

D’Banj: Make you no ask me wetin I go do for you. Wetin you go do for me wey go make my body stand well, well!

The album closes with Na Lie which is a wake up call to all the liars and woman beaters out there.

Overall, I would rate this album 5 Opekes! If I had to classify D’Banj’s music, I would call it Nu-Afrobeat. He takes the popular combination of “Yoruba music” fused with percussion and vocal styles and makes it his own by bringing that D’Banj truth, attitude and his harmonica. He also sings in English, Yoruba and broken (English) in his open embrace to all Naijas. Props to D’Banj & Don Jazzy for their originality and for bringing us a new style and standard in Naija music!

Album Details:

Label: Mo Hits Records

Producer: Don Jazzy, D’Banj

Running Time: 42:56

Released: 2005

 Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Tongolo
  3. Socor
  4. Pastor (Skit)
  5. All the Way
  6. Iya Mi
  7. Mr. Olopa
  8. Witches (Skit)
  9. Mobolowowon
  10. Ika O Da
  11. Ask Me” ft. Kween
  12. Na Lie ft. Nova & Raga Remi

One Response to “Enter the KoKo (Pt. 1): No Long Thing.”

  1. Let’s leave D’Banj’s musical contraption aforementioned here before us & return to the underground lascivious game for a second: check out “Anaconda”!!… & then engage 2nd-base with “Mo gbona feli feli” & “Igwe”.
    Pause: what would a collaboration with 9ice emerge as? The styles seem disparate even if the music resonates in very similar ways.

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