5 days, 1 Ghana! – Day 0

For many years, I have been thinking of visiting Ghana. I finally decided to make it happen as part of my last trip to Nigeria and put an itinerary together. A combination of Google, Timeout Accra and feedback from a very nice someborri produced the itinerary below. To make the trip even more interesting, I decided to travel by road (i.e. public transportation) to Ghana from Lagos. (Many thought I had lost it at this point!).

This is the first installment of a multi part series. Yeah, I had that much fun in Ghana!

Day 1: Road trip, Hotel Check in, chop, baff and tins!

Road trip from Lagos to Accra with mid afternoon arrival. Checkin, relax. Quick taxi ride to La Palm Beach to hang out for the rest of the day. (Thai massage at La Palm Beach Hotel is said to be the best in Ghana!). One minute away from the hotel is the Artists Alliance for a variety of souvenirs & all types of art from paintings, sculptures, postcards, etc.

Day 2: History, Nature, Shax, Shake Bodi small…

  • One day excursion to Cape Coast. Visiting the Cape coast castle and Kakum National Parks

Evening Options:

  • Hit Reggae club/show @ Labadi Beach Hotel
  • Drinks at The Honeysuckle (English style pub. Great food, great crowd)
  • Explore Alliance Françoise for events

Day 3: Brunch, Art, Explore Accra, New Years Eve…

Late Morning Options (Brunch):

  • Venus
  • Melting Moments (great food, décor)

Early Afternoon:

  • Visit the Art Center for good prices and variety of souvenirs
  • Pass by the famous Independence Square where Kwame Nkrumah gave Ghana’s independence speech
  • Shopping, city sights, souvenirs

Late Lunch Options (Bukka Style):

  • Country Kitchen
  • Katawodieso

Evening/Night Options:

  • Cocktails @ the African Regent Hotel
  • Cocktails (take II) at Rhapsody’s
  • Bless the Mike @ Baze Lounge

Day 4: New Years Day! Beach, swmming, chill and serious shake bodi!

Morning/Early afternoon:

  • Labadi Beach Hotel (Good restaurant, ambience & swimming)


  • Lunch @ Buka Restaraunt (Good food, good crowd)

Early Evening:

  • Cocktails/Dinner @ Monsoon. Great sushi bar, 90% Oyinbo joint

Late Night Options:

  • Remas (Soul and motion night)
  • Tantra
  • XL (upscale)
  • Citizen Kofi (4 different dance floors with a restaurant on the top floor)

Day 5: Depart for Lagos after a smashing time in Accra!

4 Responses to “5 days, 1 Ghana! – Day 0”

  1. Bros, dis usurping of feferity no good O! I don tell you tire, you be real Adanikanke!!

  2. What’s that phrase again? The feferity of a big man is very kpataricious (and something I’m too sober to remember. Lol). But in my case, I dey try work backwards to the big man. i.e. (dat is eh), the kpataricious feferity will in effect be the cause that will effect the said bigmanism.

  3. Right!…..using reverse agbari on U’rself (?)
    “The feferity of a big man is quite kpataricious &, the subordinates are out!”
    Regardless, U still be Adanikanje (& adanikanke)

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