Ask Naijaman!

Do you need advice on Naijawomen? Are you trying to understand the Naijaman? This is where you ask Naijaman your no holds barred questions.

2 Responses to “Ask Naijaman!”

  1. Hello Naijaman!

    I enjoy reading your blog! I am an African American women who is currently dating a Naija guy for the first time. He’s overall a wonderful guy; he is attentive and extemely smart, however, he lacks romance, chivalry, and conversation. My Naija guy is from Lagos and now resides in NYC. What is your advice for an extroverted AA woman dealing with an introverted Naija man?

  2. Since U’ve addressed how SOME of U’r needs/preferences are being met, how about asking U’rself how & where U’re meeting U’r Naija guy’s needs/wants & if U’ve got the “whole story” about his influences, background, & proclivities?
    U could then follow it up with pondering if U’re trying 2 change him in2 something that’s a little closer to U’r idea of a partner (man?) as opposed 2 truely accepting him 4 the guy U apparently were initially drawn 2 & then meeting him halfway (& him doing the same).
    More than all that, how about asking U’r Naija guy directly & not Naijaman being that there is no 1 solution 4 dealing with ALL (Naija) men & Naijaman cannot read U’r man’s mind – least as far as we can tell.

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