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Miss Virginity… Only In Naija.

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So I stumbled on this article a few days ago. Someone decided to have a “Miss Virginity” pageant in Lagos! To ensure that each of the contestants was really a virgin, Dr Ekemode, a Lagos based consultant gynaecologist examined every one of them. Only 43 of the 60 registrants were “certified” to be virgins.

Link to original article below:

All photo credits to Vanguard Nigeria online edition.

Missing Plane – Senators Want Top Aviation Officials Sacked

Posted in Felasophy, Naija News with tags on March 20, 2008 by Naijaman

At first I thought this reaction was fueled by our usual jungle justice mentality but apparently there’s more to it than meets the eye.

First of all the story was…

THE wreckage of the missing Beechcraft 1900D plane owned by Wings Aviation was found yesterday at Nbagu village in Yala Local Government Area of Cross River State, according to the Minister of State for Air Transportation, Mr. Felix Hyatt.

Then it became:

Uncertainty and confusion yesterday took the better of the country’s aviation sector following an embarrassing discovery that an earlier claim by one of the agencies that the missing Wings Aviation aircraft had been found was totally false.

and then long story come start…

According to Obock, “We engaged the services of local farmers and hunters who came with their dogs to help us locate the plane. We have been at it since midnight on Sunday till late Monday evening and have not been able to locate the crash site. Fisher men who claimed to have seen the plane did not come up to tell us where it is. We have decided to suspend the search today till tomorrow because of the bad weather.

And now:

SENATORS, yesterday, demanded the resignation of senior officials in the aviation sector following what they described as embarrassing failure to find the Wings Aviation plane four days after it went missing.

Unfortunately and sadly, three lives have probably been lost in this confusion.

Is it me or does this sounds like a Fela song in the making? 

I beg, make we go Shrine briefly. Baba dey sing…

“Abracadabraaaaa, Plane don reappeeeaaarr…”

“Abracadabrooooo, Plane come disappeeeaaarr…”

Two new categories are born today, Naija News & Felasophy.