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TGIF’s Dodo Sandwich!

Posted in Random on March 29, 2008 by Naijaman


So I’m at Friday’s last night after work and I’m browsing through the menu looking for some chops and I was like huh?? Is that a dodo sandwich? “No, it’s a chipotle grilled steak sandwich”. Whareva!

I’ve cooked plantains in lots of different ways and eaten it with lots of different things but I never ever imagined that fried plantains would feel at home between two slices of bread. 

Boiled plantain, fried plantain (dodo), plantain chips, dodo and beans, dodo and egg, dodo and yam and Islamia’s banging dodo gizzard but a dodo sandwich? That one pass me.

What’s for dinner tonight? I’m thinking Egusi Pizza with some goat meat toppings. Recipe to follow.

Nigerian Gangster…

Posted in Random with tags , , , , , , , on March 12, 2008 by Naijaman


The Afrobeat remix of the American Gangster Album brought to you by DJ Mike Love.

Click HERE to download.


  1. Intro – “Army Arrangement” from, the Best Of Fela Kuti (2000), “VIP” from, VIP (1979)
  2. Pray – “Sorrow Tears And Blood” from, the Best Of Fela Kuti (2000)
  3. American Dreaming“Upside Down” from Album, Upside Down (1976)
  4. Hello Brooklyn“Mistake” from Live! (With Ginger Baker), (1971)
  5. No Hook“Ariya” from album, Roforofo Fight/The Fela Singles (1972) (2006)
  6. Roc Boys“Water No Get Enemy” from, Expensive Shit, (1975), “Mop / movement of the people” from  Live in Amsterdam (1984), “Stop The Violence” from, By Any Means Necessary-BDP (1988).
  7. Sweet – “My Lady Frustration”  The’69, Los Angeles Sessions (1993)
  8. I Know“Confusion” from, Confusion (1975)
  9. Party Life“Viva Nigeria” from, The Los Angeles Sessions ’69, (1993)
  10. Ignorant Shit – “Fear Not For Man” from, Stalemate (1977)
  11. Say Hello – “Coffin For Head Of State” from, the Best Of Fela Kuti (2000), “Mr. Grammarticalologylisatitiona Is The Boss”  Monkey Banana, (1976)
  12. Success – “Swegbe And Pako” from, Open & Close (1971)
  13. Falling – “Mattress” from, Noise For Vendor Mouth (1975)
  14. Blue Magic“Water No Get Enemy” from, Expensive Shit, (1975)
  15. American Gangster – “Kalakuta Show” from, Kalakuta Show (1976), “Wayo” The’69, Los Angeles Sessions (1993)

I am a Naijapolitan!

Posted in Random on March 7, 2008 by Naijaman

So i just finished talking to a recruiter who is so excited about all the Naijas he has placed over the past few months. Dude was trying to tell me how smart we are… Watch out peoples… we are taking over!

Who or what is a Naijapolitan? I jacked the word from Afropolitan: The Africa movement that’s spreading like wild fire.

Hello world!

Posted in Random on February 7, 2008 by Naijaman

This na real “Hello World”. Finally, Naijaman is on the loose. Watch out!