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5 days, 1 Ghana! – Day 2: Chops, more chops, even more chops!

Posted in Random with tags , , , on February 6, 2010 by Naijaman

Day 2: History, Nature, Shax, Shake Bodi small…

  • One day excursion to Cape Coast. Visiting the Cape coast castle and Kakum National Parks

Evening Options:

  • Hit Reggae club/show @ Labadi Beach Hotel
  • Drinks at The Honeysuckle (English style pub. Great food, great crowd)
  • Explore Alliance Françoise for events
  • Day 2: Chops, more chops, even more chops, shax, shake bodi small…

    As expected, plans started to change a little bit. My itinerary was optimized for a solo trip but after having connected with some really cool Ghana peeps, I was now privy to some other local activities and had a lot more options. The day got off to a slow start and I got the 411 on a BBQ that was going down in Osu later that day. We decided to reschedule the History/Nature tour for the next day and I went over to my new friends place in Abelemkpe for an amazing breakfast of peanut soup and rice balls. I’m not entirely sure if that is a typical Ghanaian breakfast but it was certainly was the stuff  champions are made of! On the way to Abelemkpe, after roaming charges had eaten up all my MTN-Naija credit, I picked up a local SIM card for GH1.50 in the traffic on Olusegun Obasanjo Way. A well constructed dual carriage way going through the heart of Accra. Not sure what that story is with that, but I got nothing bad to say about the man. By now I was starting to form my initial impressions about Ghana. Extremely nice and pleasant people, oozing a sense of cultural pride and patriotism. Fairly solid infrastructure, good roads and the supply of electricity hadn’t even blinked once. Overall, things were looking very promising and I was feeling Ghana.

    For some strange reason, it was all a blur after breakfast and the next thing I remember was departing for the BBQ. Upon arrival, the first thing I noticed was this ingenious mobile punch dispenser. (In case you were wondering what that was! Lol). That was a scream! I am not ashamed to say that I soon became his #1 customer. Very nice setup, plenty of food and drink, DJ spinning some nice reggae jams in one corner. We caught the remains of some animal that had been roasted whole. There seemed to be some sort of ceremony around that and someone was kind enough to educate me on the process.

    Step 1: Roast a whole animal, set aside the head and the entrails.

    Step 2: Consume the roasted animal.

    Step 3: Use the entrails collected in step 1 to prepare pepper soup.

    Step 4: Consume the pepper soup. (This usually performs a soft reset on your system, brings you back under the legal limit and kicks off the after party).

    Step 5: Next morning, the head that was collected in step 1 is cooked and “consummated”. (Kindly note that this is for the survivors only!).

    Overall, a very nice BBQ. Despite strutting around in a green and white t-shirt proudly proclaiming that I was NaijaMade, I was welcomed with open arms and lots and lots of punch. Several random conversations with random people revealed that we had some friends in common. It’s such a small world man! People, you for always try to do good o!

    Since some of us didn’t make it past Step 2, we opted for the less hardcore version… A late night visit to Casa Muina for some fish peppersoup and some samosas while we were waiting. (Both heavenly, I might add!). The queen of the castle really could throw down!

    Headed home shortly after to get some rest since we had a long day ahead of us and needed to get an early start.

    Killer Day 2 overall and as my dear friend Spyda always says… “The owner of the something is the chopper and not the hungry man!”